Southern Pine-Honey

​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

C-Grade - $4.98 L.F.


Square edge joint with a small 1/8" gap

​for a more rustic appearance.

This is what you want if you are looking for the SHIPLAP wood effect.


Red Grandis-Auburn

​$6.45 L.F.​​

Red Grandis-Mocha

​$6.45 L.F.​​

All Southern Pine colors can be ordered in E-Peck.  

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​​​​​​INtercity lumber

Southern Pine-Mocha

#2 Grade - ​$3.45 L.F.

C-Grade - $4.98


New product: Red Grandis is a premium tropical hardwood valued for its consistent color and durability. It has a naturally beautiful grain pattern with a uniform texture. With it's limited amount of knots, Red Grandis makes an excellent substitute for cypress and cypress select. Red Grandis’ FSC certification ensures that wood comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

E-Peck - Red Grandis-Mocha

E-Peck available in all colors.

​$7.85 L.F.​​

All Southern Pine boards are 5 inches wide. 

These Southern Pine colors are also

available with Nickel Joint edges for that shiplap look. (See bottom of this page).  Plus these Southern Pine colors are available in E-Peck.  C-Grade simply means less knots. (Almost none.)

Southern Pine-Weathered Gray​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

​C-Grade - $4.98


All Red Grandis boards are 4-3/4 inches wide. These colors are also available with Nickel Joint edges for that shiplap look. (See bottom of this page).  Plus these Red Grandis colors are available in E-Peck.  

Southern Pine-Auburn

​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

C-Grade - $4.98 L.F.

Synergy Wood Products Prefinished Wood Tongue and Groove Paneling Products.

  • Less Waste, with all the advantages of end-matching and coordinated moldings, all ready to install.
  • Available in a variety of colors with a true furniture quality finish.
  • Custom color matching available.
  • Matching mouldings and trim available.
  • Multiply your square footage by 2.52 (For Pine) or 2.65 (For Red Grandis) to approximate the lineal footage (L.F.) you will need to order.  
  • Some Colors and Lengths are more available than others. Please call us for availability. (813) 626-5232

Red Grandis-Honey

​$6.45 L.F.​​

Southern Pine-Ebony

​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

C-Grade - $4.98 L.F.

E-Peck Southern Pine-Ebony

$5.05 L.F.

Red Grandis-Bordeaux

​$6.45 L.F.​​

Red Grandis-Weathered Gray

​$6.45 L.F.​​

We Deliver

V-Joint 1x6 is shown below.  Now available in Nickel Gap to give the Shiplap look!

To compare the difference scroll to the bottom of this page.

Southern Pine-Bordeaux

​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

C-Grade - $4.98 L.F.

Red Grandis-Colonial

​$6.45 L.F.​​

E-Peck Southern Pine-Colonial

$5.05 L.F.

WE SELL ALL SYNERGY PRODUCTS.  If you have seen something on the synergy website that you don't see here then give us a call and we'll price it for you!       Intercity Lumber - Tampa  (813) 626-5232

Southern Pine-Clear

​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

C-Grade (shown) - $4.98 L.F.

Not all colors and lengths are immediately available at all times. Many are available promptly.  Prices are subject to change without notice.   In case of a misprint or pricing error we reserve the right to charge the correct price in our store.  Please call our store if you have any questions about pricing or availability.  All Synergy products are special order and are generally not returnable.  Small amounts may be returnable for a 25% restocking fee is they are still in their original factory 4 pack, undamaged and dry, and within 30 days and with a receipt.  

E-Peck Southern Pine-Auburn

​$5.05 L.F.

Synergy V-JOINT Tongue and Groove

Beveled edge joint ​ 

Southern Pine-Colonial

​#2 Grade - $3.45 L.F.

C-Grade - $4.98 L.F.

Red Grandis-Ebony

​$6.45 L.F.​​